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Weeds are the scourge of all farms and modern technology has made it easy to control, with a price. A weed is any plant that is unwanted in a certain place is our definition.

Many US and South American farms use Round Up (glyphosate) which is banned in several European Countries. Attorney's in the US are now filing lawsuits against the owner of Round Up for links to cancer. We never use Round Up, pesticides or herbicides on our products.

The ten acres of land at Barrier & Walker farms was virgin land covered with cedar trees that were never sprayed with anything to the best of our knowledge.

Mexican farms routinely use US banned chemicals on their produce that we feed our families with. Some studies indicate that US wine routinely tests positive with Round Up glyphosate residue. With our produce that is never an issue.

How we control weeds:

  • Mulch: When virgin land is cleared of trees for farming one has weed seeds spouting. We control them pesky weeds with the use of wood chip mulch, which helps hold in moisture. Mulch also helps regulate temperatures of the soils to keep them from getting too hot or cold.
  • Tarps are also an excellent way to control weeds. Covering the sprouted weeds prevents the water and sunlight needed for them to live from reaching their leaves and roots. When the weeds are dead just plant your crops and problem solved. Weeds then make excellent compost for the crops.
  • Burning or flaming the weeds is another method of weed control. When the tarps do not work 100% one can use what is essentially a blow torch type device to spot kill the weeds just prior to planting.