Pest Control

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Using nature to control pests for crops


  • Ladybugs
  • Praying Mantids
  • Green Lacewings
  • Nematodes are another beneficial or harmful organism depending upon the type. 
  • These are a few of the ways to keep harmful insects under control, rather than spraying poison on the foods we eat. One can grow plants that supply food and habitat for the beneficial insects on the borders of the farm.  See below

Praying Mantids are a generalist predatory insect that will devour almost anything close to their same size. They will eat crawling, flying insects as well as caterpillars.

Ladybugs are an excellent way to control aphids. 

One has to watch out for ants that love the nectar that aphids produce, since the ants will protect them from these predators.

Green Lacewings are excellent on any white fly infestation as they will eat the eggs of the white fly and many other insect pests which harm crops. Planting sunflowers and dandelions will help assure you have a life cycle population of Lacewings.