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Builing a compost pile:

Every home garden and farm should have a composting system. If you have a square or circular wire fencing with screening to contain the pile is useful. This way you could avoid having to turn over the pile to ensure aeration.

All kitchen scraps should hit the pile. Some recommend avoiding or using meat products in the compost and that is an individual choice. Any fruit or vegetable is fair game for composting. Keeping it moist with a good watering on a regular basis helps.

One could get more items for composting from restaurants, grocery stores and even coffee grounds from coffee houses. It takes from six to twelve months for the trash scraps to fully break down from bacterial action and earth worm activity.

Throwing in some leaves and mulch helps the process. Paper and cardboard is also useful for the compost pile and try to avoid color printing as who knows what is in it. This is the best way to build organic matter and top soil for a garden. Commerical fertilizer contains salts that build up over time and will cause problems with the soil.